The world’s most beautiful place is the ideal place for the world’s most beautiful relationship. Yes the relationship that symbolises eternal love, dedication and trust is marriage and the place to be is our Udaipur(Rajasthan). Udaipur boasts the history of many royal weddings, it attracts many celebrities from across the world to tie themselves into this beautiful love bond. The very special thing about Udaipur is its colourful culture and lovely heritage, that links way before to the times of royal Maharajas (kings) and Maharanis(queens). The royal feel, still, is in the air of Udaipur and we invite you here to be the part of the royal culture, to be the part of the royal heritage and to be the part of our royal Udaipur.
The city of lakes can serve you as the best place for your or for your loved one’s marriage. There is a special fey touch in the air; atmosphere here boosts romance, colours, love and eternity. The glaze of water in the lakes is so bright that it brings you and your loved ones to a cloud nine experience. The experience, that could last forever in your heart and mind as a brilliant memoir of our classy Udaipur. Let us make your special moment a little more special with the royal feel of magnificent Udaipur.
An extravagant marriage with glittering lamps, illuminating lights, jaw-dropping fireworks, heart-warming decoration, overwhelming music and tempting multi-cuisine food that could make the occasion all the more special with watering mouth and delighted guests is what we offer you. Wedding at exotic locations, serene lakes and royal palaces could make your occasion more beautiful. The dignity with which the bride walks towards the ‘Mandapa’ the charm with which the groom holds her hand and the love with which their kith and kin rejoice the celebrations are the moments of immense pleasure that everyone present in the wedding awaits. And we assure you that it would bring a smile on your face, the smile of utter satisfaction and delight, the smile of lavishness and enjoyment; yes the royal smile.

Destionation Wedding Planners in India


Wedding in Udaipur


The beauty of numerous lakes and ancient buildings could make Udaipur a wedding destination that outclasses all others.

Wedding in Jodhpur


The Jodhpur known as Sun City is perfect for incredible weddings and is among the top locations of choice.

Wedding in Jaipur


The Pink city – Jaipur is capital city of Rajasthan which can make your wedding day an eclectic one.

Wedding in Goa


Goa is lovable tourist destination in India and has established itself as a dream wedding destination as well.

Wedding in Delhi


Delhi is one of the most favored destinations in India for luxurious weddings. You will get a range of venues in Delhi for a lavish wedding.

Wedding in Raipur


Raipur is a beautiful destination that offers comfort, magnificence and a pleasant atmosphere to make a royal wedding.

Wedding in Pushkar


Pushkar, a striking place to organize wedding in Rajasthan. Make your big day special at one of the most desired place for destination weddings.

Wedding in Kerala


The picturesque backwaters and lush greenery of “God’s Own Country” have recently become top choices for destination weddings.

Wedding in Ambay Valley


Celebrate the most special day of your life at one of the best locations of Ambay Valley.

Wedding in Alibagh


Alibagh has become one of the top wedding locales in the country especially for people looking for something ‘special’.

High end destination weddings set in gorgeous locales around the world are the stuff of fairytale beginnings. With numerous luxury resorts and hotels with provisions for luxurious rooms, top-notch cuisine and picture perfect settings, opening their doors to wedding parties, your dreams can come true.

Indian Wedding Venues
If you aren’t quite sure what a destination wedding entails, read on. When couples want to exchange their wedding vows and commit to a beautiful life together, at an exotic or otherwise scenic locale away from the normalcy of their home-towns, a destination wedding comes into play. It is like combining a wedding and a nice holiday for both you and your guests at the destination of your choice! Couples often opt for destinations that they have a special connection to, like having a lot of their family there, maybe a place that hold special memories for them as a couple or maybe even somewhere they have always dreamed of visiting together. Pick a destination that speaks to your heart and you can’t go wrong.

When planning a destination wedding it is wise to remember that it does involve a lot more work, since you will have to handle all the usual tasks combined with additional organising that comes with arranging an event away from home. Also, you may have to take multiple trips to the location and finalise details at the destination.