If the words “Events” Udaipur is the perfect magical setting for you. Glorious group enterprise is best event planners in udaipur and  amidst the royal charm and grandeur, not only does your chariot await, but so do your palaces, gardens, and royal forts.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a royal event, why not make your day extra special by celebrating it in one of the most romantic places on earth: UdaipurUdaipur, also known as ‘Venice of the East’ and ‘City of lakes’ is a city of unparalleled beauty and romance. Its lakeside palaces, surreal forts, rich heritage, vibrant bazaars, colorful traditions, narrow winding lanes and delicious cuisine makes it one of the most desirable and coveted destinations in the world.

Udaipur is a event paradise as it offers a host of heritage hotels and spectacular locations for your once-in-a-lifetime experience. Glorious group enterprise is best event planners in udaipur whether you’re looking for a classy event or an extravagant royal event; Udaipur’s wonderful events venues, leasy accessibility, and delectable cuisine makes it one of the best locations to make your dream event come true. Feel like royalty as you take your event vows and let “great event pictures” take care of themselves.

Royal Wedding Udaipur

Hiring Guide for Events Planners in Udaipur

  • Services offered by best event planners in Udaipur

    • Full event Planning – It is as the name goes, planning of the whole events. Precisely what all is included in the full event planning package of a event planner changes from planner to planner, but more or less, it will include:
      • Discussing your expectations, requirements, budget, preferences of theme, style, food, decoration, etc.
      • Booking event vendors and other services based on your requirements and budget
      • Coordination on the day of event – on ground management and execution of all things as planned
      • Wrapping up after the events and delivery of post wedding services
    • Partial Events Planning – As the name suggests, partial event planning will include all the above tasks but for selected event services. You may be willing that the planner only takes care of your decoration, DJ and other performers. In this case the event planner will limit their scope of work to what you request and you’ll be charged specifically for that with no interference in other services.
    • Coordination – You may even approach a event planner after you’ve booked all the event vendors and services. In such a case you may hire a event planner just to manage various services and vendors to ensure smooth execution on the day of the event, so that you and your family can thoroughly enjoy!
    • Consultation – You can also hire a event planner for consultation in planning their event. This generally includes extensive discussions about your expectations, requirements, budget, preferences, etc. and suggestions on how to find relevant service providers who will fulfil your expectations.
  • Pricing of Best Event Planners in Udaipur

    • The planning fee that a event planner may charge usually depends on their experience. But there is no fixed industry standard for pricing on how much part of the total event budget, or the number of services or on man-hour basis, etc. You will have to check and compare all the services you’re getting from a planner and their pricing structure. Out of the types of event planning that you can opt for, Full event Planning would cost you the most given that almost everything is being taken care by the event planner. Partial event planning will cost you relatively lesser, Coordination will cost you even lesser and Event Consultation, the least out of the four.
  • Best Event Planners Design & Concept

    Helping the client crystallise, conceptualise a vision, finding a theme, creating a mood and translating their dreams and desire into a reality beyond their wildest expectations.

    Bringing together diverse elements to create a harmonious, larger than life event encompassing the various aspects as follows –

    • Architecture
    • Set & Textile Design
    • Exclusive Furniture & Decor Fabrication
    • Unique Art Installations
    • Enchanting Floral Arrangements
    • Ambient Intelligent Lighting
  • Hospitality

    • RSVP
      A dedicated team to monitor the guest list. Customised websites and online apps for the couple containing information and itineraries for the wedding.
    • In Room Gifts 
      From Harrod’s hamper to beach essentials, we provide our guests the necessities to survive the celebratory blitz.
    • Guest Relations 
      From misplaced spouses to wardrobe crisis, we are equipped for it all!
    Wedding Planning Services


    • Gifts for friends and family
      Elegant and sophisticated gift suggestions and ideas for family and friends to commemorate the special occasion. Be it sweet something’s from Sprungli chocolates to cashmere shawls.
    • Packaging 
      Customised concepts to make your keepsakes ever more memorable. From boxes lined in silk to vintage lace bags, we do it all!

    offers the best wedding planning, design and management services while creating magic in celebrations that exceed your expectations. Our personal approach at all the renowned locations of India assures that the planned wedding ceremony sticks to your memory gives you value for money and keeps your sense of style intact.


     Glorious D World strives to reach the zenith of the best destination wedding planning services in Udaipur, India, and beyond. Our vision is to add an enthralling experience in each wedding that we organize so that you remember us for years to come.

    We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and give you the value for money whilst instilling innovative ideas to craft flawless wedding; the memories of which will always bring happiness on the faces and warmth in your hearts.


    Planning a wedding involves thousands of decisions and Glorious D World ensures to make only the right decisions that need to be made for that wonderful wedding which is more than just two people exchanging vows.

    We offer to keep your wedding simple, authentic, classy and elegant or ANYTHING that you wish it to be keeping in mind every little detail so that everyone who is part of your D-Day goes back with beautiful memories. It is our mission to turn your wedding day from a dream to reality


    Getting married is probably one of the most wonderful times in someone’s life. The teeming energy, excitement, and the idea of beginning a new life with a partner are not only gloriousdworld but are equally pleasant for the families and friends.

    Though with all the high spirits, comes the stress of planning and managing your big day. There are several things that you need to consider while planning your dream wedding in a limited time.

    The Wedding Planners with the entire team of skilled professionals take the onus of arranging all the elements of your dream wedding so that you don’t have to worry about anything!

    • They will spend their time and energy
    • Everything will be kept on track
    • Stress will be for them to handle, not for You
    • Your visions and ideas will turn into reality
    • They will help you get vendor discounts
    • Your wish will be their command

    From budget management to vendor discussions, from stage decoration to ceremony arrangements, the Wedding Planners will take your words and turn them into the ultimate frame capturing every essence of a beautiful wedding that you have always wished for.