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  •  Architecture
  • Set & Textile Design
  • Exclusive Furniture & Decor Fabrication
  • Unique Art Installations
  • Enchanting Floral Arrangements
  • Ambient Intelligent Lighting
  • our approach to event management is to first understand the reasons behind your events, allowing us to create and manage your events whilst working towards your objectives, themes and exceeding expectations. our event agency specialises in developing event programs which are creative, deliver value for money and provide inspiration to your guests. events can work as an extension to your existing team or take charge of the entire event
  • our in house creative event production team will work with you to establish the key event message delivering every element of the event in line with this. we work on building a relationship of trust with our clients creating a shared ambition that enables us to exceed our client’s expectations. we understand that together we need to deliver events that are editorially strong and more experiential in nature, bringing content to life in unusual ways. we add real value; producing exciting, inspiring, innovative and aspirational event production.

    Indian marriages, unlike western culture, not only revolve around the two individuals marrying each other but it also cares about their family, their traditions, cultures, rituals and the understanding of both the families When everything settles down, the relation cultivates to the bond of lifetime

    Event planners in udaipur

    This very sensitivity, fluidity, charm and the requirement for a proper understanding between two individuals and their families need someone to coordinate everything with an experienced mannerism.Glorious D World is one of the oldest matrimonial company which take immense care of your believes, and values while arranging a matchmaking. Marriage is all about your happy future, so, it would be wise to rely on an experienced and responsible organization like Glorious D World which has earned expertise in successful matchmaking

    When the age-old tradition, values, esteem and the future of two individuals and their families are at the verge, the utmost thing you require is the perfect amalgamation of each of the mentioned aspects. Without a proper marriage bureau / matrimonial consultants like Sycoriaan, it would be a matter of hassle to pursue the joyous affair and successfully convert.



Glorious D world is a division of Glorious D world Event Planners. Glorious D world is team of Qualified professionals brimming with zeal and fervour to make an event of your extravagant affair to remember for an entire era

Our motto simply to certify enchantment for all the services we provide to our clients as we have uncanny ability to convert ideas to things, and eventually a reality, which is the backbone to success

A premium wedding event planner on udaipur . We have experience in planning and organizing beautiful weddings and events. We have built up excellent relationships with the clients to help them in every requirement. From a small intimate gathering to a most luxurious wedding day we can help you make your Dream Wedding a reality. So far we have planned many theme weddings in India, which is also our unique feature

We are always inspired by your happiness
Every Event is special & must be planned before its execution. To make it memorable we need Event Planners. So for your convenience, Choose Plan My Jashn who is among Top Event Planners in udaipur is here at your service and proved its existence in event market by their uniqueness and expertise. Please follow our gallery to see few of our work

Personal events are made up of those cherished moments that leave an indelible mark on our hearts. As young event planners, our focus is on creativity with commitment and expression with enthusiasm. We specialise in floral decoration and installation art with a conceptual and innovative touch. With unconditional love for aesthetic and detail, we contribute to festivities by providing design and services that are unparalleled by any other.


Wedding planners in udaipur

Being a full-fledged professional Event & Conference Management Company in udaipur we thrive to create unparallel event experience for every client we cater. We conceptualize and develop a comprehensive plan that suits your budget and on approval execute and manage with excellent efficiency. Thus it’s no surprise to us as we are trusted to deliver time and again by our clients and get recommended by them as Professional event planner & Top event management company in udaipur

We are highly professional Event Planners, and Wedding Decorators/who create and manage Indian and destination weddings, and big occasion events. As Corporate Event Organizers in India, we help you in organizing your events within your budget.


Our team of highly knowledgeable, friendly and professional event planners are ever attentive to your requirements, working with you to produce an unparalleled result right down to the last detail. We aim to make the organisation process seamless and enjoyable providing you with the finest VIP client experience available. Glorious D World event management companies prides ourselves on giving maximum value for money, researching options and working at all times to your exact budget and requirements. It is our success in this area that allows our clients to come back to us time and time again for fantastic events.


Glorious D World was started with the remit to plan and produce the most creative high-end weddings, corporate events, conference & exhibitions, private parties, entertainment bookings and much more. It is a Udaipur based company but has its wings spread all over Rajasthan

We produce events of all sizes, and no matter how large or how small, we still retain our boutique nature – “never forgetting the personal touch that really makes the difference”. This is probably why after working with someone, we usually end up as friends with them too

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Personal care and planning to the minutest detail is our forte. It takes considerable time to plan quality events that fit within budgets. We believe in a very high level of creativity, which touches the very heart & soul of the people & builds long term relations

Our motto is to provide ‘Cheaper’, ‘Faster’ & ‘Quality’ services to our customers

We work with all kinds of budgets, or in some cases, virtually no budget at all. We have the advantages of being able to be very cost effective by keeping overheads low, whilst being able to organise events of any size from small birthday parties, through to large scale festival production and corporate conferences

 Glorious D World sets the standard within the industry on how event management should be done. Our staff is experienced and qualified creating benchmarks on how events should be managed. So no matter what your budget, how tight your deadline is and how outrageous your demands are

If you are looking for a reliable Event Management Company who can guarantee a successful & a perfect event with high quality service at the most competitive price, do get in touch with us and feel the difference.