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Executing the perfect wedding day–or wedding weekend–is all in the. But, a real-deal event planner can take on the styling and design of all of your event’s elements–from to a perfectly designed stationary suite to memorable welcome bags and expertly crafted favors. When looking to tackle any event, from a luxe celebration in Udaipur City to an outdoor affair in , or even a multi-cultural wedding weekend in udaipur, these are the names in the wedding planning biz that can take on the most creative of challenges and elevate any expectation. The names on this list will help you achieve the wedding day you’ve been picturing all along (or didn’t know you wanted), offering innovative ideas to raise the bar and special touches that will leave your guests raving. Here, the best names in the events industry–straight from our share their points of view, in their own words.

Udaipur boasts the history of many royal weddings, it attracts many celebrities from across the world to tie themselves into this beautiful love bond. The very special thing about Udaipur is its colourful culture and lovely heritage, that links way before to the times of royal Maharajas (kings) and Maharanis(queens). The royal feel, still, is in the air of Udaipur and we invite you here to be the part of the royal culture, to be the part of the royal heritage and to be the part of our royal Udaipur.

Basic Guidelines For Wedding Planners

Wedding planning can be a fun, exciting and challenging career. Successful wedding planning requires the ability to visualize, planning extensively and in great detail, coordinating and following up carefully and meticulously.

Planning for an event, such as a wedding, birthday, corporate event, fair, graduation party or any other special occasion, can be done with ease without getting stressed or intimidated. The key to planning for a successful wedding lies in making an early start, making a well thought out , detailed plan and being extremely organized. Although it is true that each wedding is unique, it is also true that the same fundamental rules of planning apply to all events regardless of the occasion. By adhering to these basic rules, you can ensure that the planning process is simple, stress free and guarantee the success of the particular wedding.

Three simple steps to planning a successful wedding are as follows:

    • Develop a Budget – Get a realistic and an exact figure of how much you are allowed or willing to spend. After you have done this, try and stay within this budget as far as possible. You should have an extra amount set aside for unplanned expenses as sometimes things may not work out as envisaged. In case your event requires a bigger budget than planned, then you could look into alternate sources of income that can be utilized. This may include selling tickets, getting corporate sponsors or getting donations. If this is not possible, then it is better to cut costs as much as possible and stick to the budget.
    • Create a Timeline – Create a timeline or agenda for the wedding. Visualize everything that the wedding requires to be successful and pen down your vision, thus creating a detailed agenda. If the event is on a large scale and there is a committee involved, make sure all the members of the committee are involved in creating the timeline and brainstorming session. The time line will depend on the specific occasion or event. After deciding on what activities are required, you should specify the time and duration of each activity in a detailed agenda.
    • Select the Right Wedding Planner- Make a list of items and services that can be outsourced from wedding planner and the cost of each. It could be food, giveaways, decorations, beverages, photographers, table setting, banners or entertainment. For each item or service on your list, get quotations from at least two to three wedding planners and then calculate your expenses. If they exceed your budget, then you can reduce or cut down on unnecessary expenses. Usually it is not advisable to cut down on expenses on entertainment as it is important for wedding planning.

Some of the basic tenets of wedding planning are developing a budget, creating a detailed timeline and deciding on what items and services can be outsourced at the best possible prices.

Glorious D World
 Thus wedding can be successfully executed and managed with proper planning and organation. You can avoid major malfunctions if you stick to the basic guidelines of wedding planner.

Every wedding needs exceptionally planned services to turn it into a beautiful actuality. Aiming to deliver a remarkable memory of the beginning of togetherness, Glorious Dworld provides bespoke services and facilities with the most skilled and experienced wedding planners. Considering the importance of this event, we completely devote ourselves to ensure that your personality comes shining through. As one of the leading wedding planners in the country with several award-winning projects, we believe in taking care of even the tiniest detail to perfection.

We at Glorious Dworld Wedding Planners help you plan your wedding, set up performances of a life time that would surely have your relatives, friends and loved ones remembering many years! Not only do we help you in setting up performances for events, but we also create theme based sangeet sandhya events, dance workshops, wedding choreography and also provide with anchors, dancers and celebrities if required.

All around the world, weddings are usually one of the most joyous and important events a family experiences. In India, it is no different. Engagement ceremonies, Sangeet Sandhya, Mehendi Ceremonies, Wedding Planning and Bachelor/Bachelorette/Spinster Parties are characteristically similar in one way. DANCE! No wedding celebration is complete without the element of song and dance. We at Glorious Dworld wedding planner will help you organize and showcase one of the vital elements of a wedding i.e Sangeet Ceremony.

we at Glorious Dworld Wedding Planner provide personalized and innovative wedding services. We take care of all aspects of your wedding arrangements and work within your earmarked budget to deliver a perfect cost- effective wedding. With us, experience a memorable wedding that you will never forget.

Wedding is the most adored event for a bride & groom. And it’s a dream for every couple to make it grand & splendid. So, here we are to help you plan the best ceremony to make your big day a perfect one.
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Glorious Dworld Weddings & Entertainment is a full-service event management company in udaipur dedicated to quality and excellence. Since our establishment, we have continuously strived towards the flawless execution of events. We manage events across all major cities in India and abroad. No matter what your requirement may be, our first priority lies in gaining an in-depth understanding of how your business works, what you hope to achieve, and what we can do to deliver results that exceed all expectations.
We are the leading Event Management group known as udaipur Event Planner, with a special niche for offering you the best services for all types of events. We work as Wedding Planners in udaipur,Corporate Event Planners in udaipur , Birthday Party Planners in udaipur , Plan your Social Get Together and many more events. We act as a platform for all your celebrations and occasions. We believe in delivering the best services within your budget. Our team of experts constantly upgrade the themes and prefer to use the latest decorations to add stars to your event. Our experience is worthy enough to understand your requirements and so we strive to present the best, thereby making your dream event come true and be the talk of the town.

What are we known for?



Our properly thought of planning process keeps you aware of all the details related to event planning. Our strong planning acumen ensures that a client gets most effective results through a process that includes:

  • Initial consultation to understand the requirements
  • Outlining and presenting a detailed plan and budget statement for review
  • Follow up meeting to discuss all queries and getting final approval


Being the Best Wedding Planners in Udaipur, we follow a patented three-step process to fabricate designs according to the approved theme. Our expertise and professionalism in designing world-class wedding sets satisfy a client about the design quality. Our process includes:

  • Development of draft design that captures the theme of a project
  • Internal review by expert in-house design committee
  • Delivery of final presentation for approval


Our streamlined execution process ensures that we offer impeccable venue design that is sure to mesmerize guests and create memories for a lifetime. Weddings by Neeraj Kamra, being the  Glorious D World trusts a three-step execution process to deliver best results:

  • Personal inspection of venue with client before installation
  • Designing of a set according to preferences
  • Reviewing venue after installation to ensure best results