Dance Classes in Udaipur

Dance Classes in Udaipur

Glorious D Word is a one of the kind institute. We furnish  you the state of the art grooming and training in the foundation of Dance Instruction, a program which is a complete novelty to this city.  The uniqueness in this program lies in the fact that this course promises to create potential in their students . The art of technique, which is the most important when it comes to dancing. There are huge number of people who posses an immense amount of talent but the expertise will be whetted by the help of our program. The various styles to be taught in this program include Salsa, Contemporary and Modern. The students will be groomed and trained to the best of their potential. We, thus, intend to make professional dancers out of every student. The classes will give them an opportunity to learn dance, express themselves and perform on stages. Classes are available for children (4 to 6 years), juniors (7 to 11 years) and adults (12 years onwards)


dance classes in udaipur


Benefits on body,mind and soul

Dancer’s bodies are ordinarily long, incline, and solid. Many individuals begrudge the body, however,they don’t understand that they can get a comparable shape. Dance is a perfect way of staying fit and in shape. Probably it is one of the most complete rhythmic exercises with an unique characteristic of mind-body co-ordination. In fact with dance focused on specific body areas, muscles can be toned or augmented.

Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including:

  • improved condition of your heart and lungs
  • increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness
  • increased aerobic fitness
  • improved muscle tone and strength
  • weight management
  • stronger bones and reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • improved balance and spatial awareness



Best dance classes in udaipur

Here you can acquire a list of top dance classes in Udaipur.

Udaipur is blessed with numerous professional dance institutes with skilled experts to teach various dance forms, from authentic classical to crumping and popping. We’ve jotted down several dance institutes across Udaipur and have listed them below:


  • RSDF – Rajeev Surti Dance Factory

This is an institute of the renowned choreographer Rajeev Surti who has choreographed Bollywood stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and many more. The Dance Forms taught in the institute include: Krumping, break dancing, Kathak, hip hop, b- boy, popping, locking, tap dancing ,ballet, Indian folk (Bhangda, Rajasthani, Garba, Dandia, Kashmiri, Koli) & classical (Oddisi, Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Kathakali.

Address: Neelam Complex Basant Vihar Hiran Magri Sec 5 Main Road Udaipur, RajasthanMS Dance & Aerobics Studio

  • MS Dance & Aerobics Studio

The MS Dance & Aerobics Studio provides sessions of all dance styles as well as Aerobics and Zumba. They’re specialized in choreographing dance performances in wedding functions; also they’ve shot various dance videos showcasing their talent.

Address: 16/2, Patho Ki Magri, Subhash Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan

  • SADA – Sumit’s Academy of Dance Arts

SADA was established in 2009 by Sumit Lekhari a former Aerobics trainer. Mostly all the dance styles are taught by this academy but there are regular classes available for styles like hip-hop, Jazz Funk and Dance Hall in the evening. There are two wings of this academy that strive to produce proficient dancers.


  • 256 Apkesha Complex, Sector No.11, Hiran Magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • 43, road number 5 Ashok Nagar near Bhupalpura police station, Udaipur, Rajasthan


    There are many different styles of dance, which fall into these general types:

    • Folk dance
      • Irish Dance
      • Morris Dance
      • Country Dance

    advantages of dancing


Dancing is a beautiful activity that we can consider an art. It is always a bit difficult to take up a new activity, but once you get started in dance lessons you will realize how worthy it is.

There are many academies and dance studios in Udaipur where different programs are offered. Do not worry if you have never danced before, there are beginner dance classes with no too tricky dance steps.

Modern dances are increasingly getting popular. However, ballroom dancing is still the most demanded class. You can learn salsa dancetango dance or you can get ready to surprise everybody with a stunning Val’s for your wedding.

The many advantages of dancing

Dancing is a very enriching activity that you should try to keep even when you are too busy with your kids or you are suffering from some sickness like asthma

  • Dancing is good for your memory
  • It will make your muscles more flexible
  • It helps to get rid of stress after work
  • It is good for your heart and your breathing
  • It is a great activity to lose weight and improve your balance

Best Dance and sangeet institute academy in udaipur

Sangeet ceremony is all about dance and music. It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and exclusively for women.

GLORIOUS can choreograph all types of Sangeet . Facility to learn at home or class, both are available as per clients requirement.

Folk dances are dances developed by groups of people that reflect the traditional life of the people of a certain country or region. Not all ethnic dances are folk dances; for example, ritual dances or dances of ritual origin are not considered to be folk dances. Ritual dances are usually called “Religious dances” because of their purpose. The terms “ethnic” and “traditional” are used when it is required to emphasize the cultural roots of the dance. In this sense, nearly all folk dances are ethnic ones. If some dances, such as polka, cross ethnic boundaries and even cross the boundary between “folk” and “ballroom dance”, ethnic differences are often considerable enough to mention, e.g., Czech polka vs. German polka. Evening cultural festival that provides the audience a sneak peek into the vibrancy of Rajasthan. Come and witness this lively celebration at the Neem Courtyard of Bagore-Ki-Haveli Museum. This is an private Trip with Dinner & Transfers in an Udaipur City.








Glorious D World is one of the leading dance crews of India. We are the first dance crew to have introduced Tron Dance in India. We have a team of talented and experienced dancers who have performed on large scale platforms. We have young dancers mostly in the age group of 21 – 29 who are energetic and add excitement and a positive zeal to the different dance performances

Our crew has been a part of many television shows stealing the audience hearts with our performances on the platforms of DID (Dance India Dance), Chak Dhoom Dhoom, India’s got Talent, and Entertainment ke liye Kuch bhi Karega. Apart from the dance shows we have also been a part of many big and multi-national brands corporate events’, including Samsung, Mercedes, Audi, Nokia, Mahindra, Tata Motors and many more to promote their products to a larger audience. Our corporate events are done with the combined aim to promote the idea and concept of the client’s company with a different marketing effort that includes dance and story promotion.

Our team works hard to add the WOW factor to each and every dance performance which are loved by our clients We promote different marketing concept and ideas through our unique dance styles, which includes the following:

  • Visual Tron Dance
  • Tron LED Dance
  • Animatronics 3D Video Mapping
  • Laser Man Show
  • Visual Pixel Poi 
  • Optical Illusion Dance
  • Tron Bhangra Dance
  • Michael Jackson Dance Acts
  • Video Mapping Dance
  • LED Buugeng Show
  • Robots Appearances
  • LED Drummers