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In today’s competitive environment, it has become necessary for companies to engage customers through the latest marketing tools like brand creation and promotion, product positioning, market penetration strategies etc.

Participation in an exhibition is one such strategy, which has been found to be very cost effective. Many companies therefore include the same in their marketing plan. Naturally, there are now exhibition organisers, who cater to the needs of such companies.

Exhibition organisation requires multi-faceted skill sets since diverse activities are involved. The exhibition organisers therefore partner with a number of professional service providers to handle the event successfully.

Glorious Group Enterprises plays a vital role in providing such support services to both individual exhibitors as well as exhibition organisers. The areas where Glorious Group Enterprises can offer active support are brand creation, marketing, exhibition consultation, planning and co-ordination, operations and management services, data compilation and directory publication, international group participations etc.

Glorious Group Enterprises offers comprehensive consultancy to individual exhibitors based on a study of the industry; activities of competitors and suggestions on possible exhibitions for participation in line with growth and marketing plans. Glorious Group Enterprises can also undertake all co-ordination with organisers on behalf of the exhibitors. In addition, Glorious Group Enterprises also extends its support to designing and printing of branding material.

For exhibition organisers, Glorious Group Enterprises offers a suite of services from co-ordination with event venue owners; obtaining statutory permissions and approvals; planning to promotion and marketing of the event in India and abroad through a network of agents and associates. All ground management activities like floor space designing, preparing Rules and Regulations, designing stall booking forms, exhibitors’ manuals as well as publishing of promotional material including manuals, brochures, advertisements etc., can also be undertaken. Glorious Group Enterprises can even handle entire on-site management including security, registration, and events management and so on.

The Glorious Group Enterprises brings together all the exhibition organizers, managers, designers & stand contractors, freight forwarders, services & facilities providers, venue owners etc. so that there is a common platform available to the entire industry to consider ways and means for the sound and scientific development of various facets of the industry.

The Association represents the entire country and all segments related to the exhibition industry. Glorious Group Enterprises aims to be your one-stop source of information pertaining to exhibition industry, various exhibitions/trade shows organized in the country, exhibition industry news, information on various agencies, private and public organizations operating in the exhibition industry in India.

The main objectives of Glorious Group Enterprises as per its constitution are to:

  • Protect and promote the common interest of its members.
  • Provide a common platform where members meet informally through Councils / Committees, Seminars / Workshops to exchange views and information on developments, improvements and problems in the industry.
  • Represent the industry in all matters nationally and internationally in relation to Government, media and the public.
  • Organize training programs, bring out publications, compile, tabulate and analyze statistics on the exhibitions for the benefit of the industry.
  • Keep close contact with the press and media with the objective of achieving a higher share of advertising and promotional market of the industry.
  • Promote Indian Exhibitions and Trade Fairs as cost effective marketing medium nationally and internationally.
  • Devise and implement a system of auditing of Trade Shows and Exhibitions so as to lend credibility.
  • Maintain high ethical standards by laying down a code of ethics for conducting business and safeguard high quality of services to the exhibitors and visitors to events organized by its members.
  • Do all other things as may be considered by the Association to be incidental or conducive for the benefit of the industry.

Glorious Group Enterprises is the best Exhibition and Seminar Organiser in Udaipur , you will find, period. We’ve always prided ourselves on being more than just event orgainser firm. We proudly present STAGE WORLD, a complete production house having all the experience & capabilities of producing & managing exhibition & events. The in-house staging unit, fabrication & designing workshop, audio visual equipment & basic sound is our biggest asset to provide the state of the art equipment, technical staff and experienced event support around the world.

Usually an exhibition gets a large amount of visitors belonging to your industry and is a good opportunity to meet your target audience and generate those all important leads. Your exhibition stand is the focal point where many visitors converge and is an excellent meeting point. You can take advantage of this situation to showcase your products and expertise to a niche market which can do wonders for your sales target and ramping up your reputation in the industry. One of the best ways to get the attention of your targeted customers is by organizing a seminar, addressing a seminar can do wonders for your image and builds up the reputation of your company in the market leading to a greater conversion rate.

Exhibition organizers always look for as many quality visitors as possible, if there is a series of good seminars happening during the show then the exhibition attracts many more visitors and it improves the reputation of the exhibition in the industry. Organizers always encourage people to put together a series of seminars with good content and Glorious Group Enterprises advertise these seminars in a big way.

Image result for images related to exhibitions and seminar