Glorious Dandiya Raas

An innovatively designed and planned program including many more activities with the dandia raas. Which shapes this event best and ensures different and ever best outcomes with multi exposure of advertisement.

Here Dandiya is a name given to the wooden sticks which are used in this dance. The sticks represent the sword of Godess Durga. This dance form is performed from the times of Lord Krishna. He used to perform this form along with his gopis.



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In this dance form men and women form concentric circles and these circles move in opposite directions. Here the amazing part along with the footsteps is the way the sticks are used. The sound of the sticks is very sweet and this sound becomes the Centre of musical rhythm played during the dance.

Men and Women participate in this dance form with colorful cloths and matching jewelry.  As this dance allows men and women to have eye contact this dance is very popular among the youth. Dandiya is performed with a lot of joy throughout the country and hence the government arranges for people to enjoy Dandiya.

Dandiya Raas is played during the festival of Navratri. The festivals of Navratri consists of nine days and during all these days’ men and women with colorful clothes and lot of energy play this amazing dance form. The festival is a tribute to the nine incarnations of the mother Durga and devotees pay their homage and respect to the goddess during this festival. Playing Dandiya is also a way to show the respect towards Goddess Durga.


As the name suggests the most important aspect of this festival is the Dandiyas or the wooden sticks. As the dance occurs in moving circles the energy required to play Dandiya is enormous and to play it for a long time requires great stamina. The Kathiawari groups of dancers are very famous players of Dandiya .