Glorious Summer School

Udaipur is a beautiful city, set amidst the Aravalli Ranges of Rajasthan, India. Known for its picturesque lakes, Udaipur also called ‘the city of lakes’. The elevated hills and the beautiful lakes make a picture-perfect backdrop to the Udaipur city. Udaipur is regarded as one of the most romantic cities of the World and subsequently, also known as the ‘Venice of East’. Udaipur had been the capital of Mewar for centuries.


GSS16 CREATIV7We provide a solid foundation to the little ones who come under our wings brimming with their parent’s aspirations and their own effervescence and energy, through modern infrastructure, timeless values and the confidence and ability to meet all challenges in life and come out victorious. This more than five-decade old institution retains the charm, glory and experience of the time gone by and has upgraded and reworked its ideals, vision as well as infrastructure, to keep up with the demands of the present times.

Educators have recognized the need for counselling in students’ overall development. At Glorious D World, counselling is not only limited to problematic children, it is meant for all students. It helps each student to achieve a clear understanding and acceptance of his/her strengths and limitations, interests, attitudes, skills, abilities and aptitude. The school has two full-time counsellors to guide and facilitate the children to assess their academic and behavioural performance on a regular basis. They suggest corrective measures to parents and teachers to make learning an exciting activity.