Glorious Winter Feast

This event is a sum up of a series of events .it is well designed and incorporated with all the needed aspects to ensure the success.

Elements of Glorious Winter Feast

Hip-Hop Battle Fashion show Band war Best Voice of lack city Antyakshari Comedy Sartaj Christmas celebration New Year celebration Game Show etc…


It is a contest containing series of contests in it.
Our organization is invited to participate and show your talent in this event. you can participate in it individually, with partner or in group as well. Note:- To participate in antyakshari contest, a team of at least two participants is mandatory. This above mention charges are exclusive of registration form charges.

Once registered, any claim and refund back is not justified and settled by the organization. These above mention charges of Fashion show are exclusive of costume charges (if provided). Participation in Game show is not chargeable and it is complementary. contact us:-Glorious Group Enterprises.