Behind the scene chores is our strong suite, it’s our secret to success that we move heaven and earth and might do some overtime to ensure that every requisite element is reached to the site on time. Our offered Logistics Assistance can be summed into these points:

  • Decor Assistance: Guidance and management to streamline the arrival of props on the event site along with florist, decorators, and lighting technicians.
  • Glorious Group Enterprises have years of experience in decorating assistance for kitchen & bath design, as well as remodeling. Not only that, but they’re also extremely knowledgeable about the latest in design trends. You’ll find them to be friendly, as well as easy to work with. Thanks to their expertise in kitchen and bath remodeling, our designers know how to avoid common problems and pitfalls. Whether your project is large or small, they’ll help you find a solution your family will love.


  • Catering Assistance: Who, what, and when of food and beverage arrangement, including suggestions for cuisines and meal times.A catering assistant serves food and beverages at special events hosted by catering companies, such as weddings, parties and banquets. They may set up buffets, circulate trays of appetizers and refill guests’ drinks;Glorious Group Enterprises  main goal is to provide outstanding customer service. Additionally, prior to an event, they may assist the catering manager with the planning of the event and with basic business operations so that they can gain experience for a higher-level job in the future.


  • Wedding Rentals:From Chairs to Trees Glorious Group Enterprises rent everything you could possibly need for your Wedding or Event. No order is too small or too large and our staff will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible to make your event run with precision and beauty.
    Efficient delivery and submission of wedding rentals including, decor elements, turbans, bands along with negotiation, management and coordination to avoid vendor disputes.
  • Luggage Management: Special security while transportation and hotel check-ins of luggage of your extended family and friends.

From ticket booking or room reservation to hydraulic operated bride and groom entries, and venue transportation for delegate meets, we have resources and expertise to efficiently meet up your demands without last minute hiccups. Make a call to enjoy the true bliss of our offered Hospitality and Logistics Services for Events and Weddings.