Glorious Group Enterprises is about giving back, raising lots of money for great causes, and having the most fun in the world while doing it.

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An unmatched experience for your donors, fundraisers, and staff


Glorious Group Enterprises is a fundraising site thoughtfully designed for real humans which means the best user experience for your entire community of donors, fundraisers, customers, and staff.

Easy Fundraising Features

 Glorious Group Enterprises Unlimited

Create as many events, teams, and participant fundraising pages as you want.

Incomparable Service

Glorious Group Enterprises staff are passionate about fundraising and are available to help you raise more money than you ever thought possible.

Charity, Simplified

Trusted by many non-profit organisations, we know charitable fundraising.

Custom Branding

Work with our world-class design team to custom brand your event.

Global Impact

Accept donations from anywhere in the world while still getting paid in your preferred currency.

Modern Messaging

Built for social to maximize sharing, crowdfeed shows what’s happening in real-time.

Creative, Fun Experience

We’ll help you with incentives and contests to make your event more fun and engaging.

Rich, Innovative Features

Manage fundraising minimums, offline donations, team messaging, advanced reporting, more…

All Devices

Glorious Group Enterprises works beautifully on mobile, tablets and desktops.

3rd Party Ecosystem

CRM integrations with Salesforce, more. Ticketing/Registration integrations with Eventbrite, more. Plus our easy API.

Charitable Impact

Show your charitable impact across all of your events and rally your community around your charitable mission.

Battle Tested Systems

Secure, PCI compliant, scalable, cloud-based event fundraising platform.


Our team is an extension of yours

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We understand that time and resources can sometimes be in short supply. We’ve got a dedicated team of creative thinkers who are fun to work with and are built to position you for success.

Personalized training for social fundraising success

Your team will learn from our Glorious Group Enterprises experts and get the latest education and best practices for social fundraising. All tailored for your nonprofit.

Industry-leading response time for your donors, fundraisers, and staff

Let us amaze you with the greatest customer support in the world, and give you the confidence to crush your fundraising goals.

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We bring a wealth of social fundraising experience and insights to your campaigns

We’ve worked with thousands of nonprofits over the last seven years and have the most social and online fundraising expertise in the industry.