Promotional Event Planners


Promotion holds utmost significance for any company as it leads to more public awareness and popularity. We design inventive; perception based Promotional Campaigns for various corporations which escort the lucrative business for them.
Promotions at fleeting look:
• Road Shows via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canters
• Customer’s Interaction Programmes
• Brand Promotions / Mall Promotions
• In-Shop Promotions
• Society Promotions
• Human Banners / Human Mannequins
• Data Collection Activities

Promoting your business is a smart marketing move, an exciting way to engage customers is by hosting a promotional event. Events are a fantastic way to generate interest in your business.

1. Road shows:
Corporate road shows are fast becoming a popular trend. Not only do they generate intrigue and interest around your business and its services, but they also provide your business with a mobile space that can be utilised in such a way that it will attract a much larger target audience.
To further promote your success, our team of talented photographers and videographers can assist you in capturing all the highlights. Furthermore, our highly-skilled design team can conceptualise and create any promotional material specifically aimed at the event.

2. Brand Promotions:
We specialize in immersing fans in a brand and creating promotions that generate buzz and excitement. We create a positive perception for your Brand, Product, Services, Profile and Reputation. It is this perception and image of your Brand or Product, which makes you reach out to your prospective and potential clientele with a positive and clear approach.
Customers in this competitive market essentially needs to have awareness, recognition and made to understand the benefits. Our Experts Team provides complete Assistance Promotion Plan and Implementation for your Business successfully.

3. Product Launch:
Planning an effective product launch event requires a skilful combination of careful planning, focussed strategy and seamless creative execution.
Establishing a solid foundation before embarking on the delivery of any launch event is fundamental. For this reason, we make it our priority to immerse ourselves in our clients’ brand, allowing us to clearly identify each of the event’s objectives and subsequently chart an approach that will see them fulfilled. We are recognised within the industry for our creative ideas and innovation, and the ability to leverage the same with unique and memorable launch .